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  • What is obscene in one place can well be completely legal in another.
  • The work is considered obscene only if all three conditions are satisfied.
  • Much of his early work is considered obscene and virtually impossible to find.
  • He particularly took a stand against the publication of what he saw as 'obscene' literature.
  • Eventually, a federal court decided that the film was not obscene.
  • Great art can contain significant sexual content without being obscene.
  • All birth control literature was also considered to be obscene.
  • The real issue is that it moves the moral center more towards the obscene.
  • He instead argued that the work was not obscene but rather a classic work of literature.
  • It was a men-only environment, and some songs are obscene.
  • There are people who want to win so much that they are willing to break the rules in the most obscene ways.
  • During a recording break Little Richard sang an obscene song while playing the piano.
  • They said the law failed to distinguish between open websites and obscene material.
  • They use obscene language and they kiss each other online.
  • And though he's easily as obscene as any of his peers, he seems actually to like women.
  • Personal possession of obscene material in the home may not be prohibited by law.
  • Further, the court ruled that each community is responsible for setting its own standards about what is considered to be obscene material.
  • After a failed censorship attempt due to their perceived obscene band name the band was allowed to play in university events.
  • Many of his songs were about alcohol, women, and cars, often with obscene lyrics.
  • The film stated that Rose had been writing obscene and threatening letters to Read for many years.
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