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  • Usually he goes through an officer training after his studies and before starting his obligatory service.
  • The primary school is obligatory for every child and is free in public schools.
  • I now benefit from your obligatory silence and will say what I want.
  • He kept his number one jersey in next two seasons before losing it to obligatory military service.
  • Some of her books were obligatory at school after the war.
  • The performance is often, but not obligatory, the debut role of the artist.
  • It goes before the other three years and is not obligatory.
  • The test is obligatory if further education is to be attended.
  • This makes the city an almost obligatory stop for most people and goods traveling north and south.
  • It is obligatory and it is rare to see any of these places without a flag.
  • He also provides the obligatory how-to-run-a-meeting discussion.
  • In addition it is also obligatory to teach state language in schools.
  • Its native part is formed due to the Federal Law on the free obligatory copy.
  • Sometimes it is obligatory to call out "last card" if the player has only one card remaining.
  • Proper documentation plays an extremely important role throughout this entire process and should be considered obligatory.
  • It also began the now obligatory style of depicting wealth and social class.
  • State education would be secular, obligatory, free of charge, and available to all.
  • It is only federal state structure who can create the obligatory certification system of Russia.
  • This model could be had only in dark blue or black with obligatory sports stripes.
  • The obligatory lower secondary school program lasts for six years and there were no students in those schools.
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Meaning of obligatory

  • adjective Morally or legally constraining or binding
    attendance is obligatory, an obligatory contribution