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  • If he proved obdurate there was but one course left open to her. Cited from Beverly of Graustark, George Barr McCutcheon
  • Sunday offered an opportunity to put the matter before her father, who proved obdurate. Cited from Rebecca Of Sunnybrook Farm, by Kate Douglas Wiggin
  • Far from it, she was more obdurate than ever with an ocean between them. Cited from Jane Cable, by George Barr McCutcheon
  • If you had had a mother's heart my father would not have been so obdurate. Cited from Without a Home, by E. P. Roe
  • His friends in congress would square all that for him, even if the court should prove obdurate. Cited from A Wounded Name, by Charles King
  • He had now the means of supporting a wife, and why should she be obdurate? Cited from The Three Clerks, by Anthony Trollope
  • I am, as you well may say, a very obdurate father. Cited from Active Service, by Stephen Crane
  • He remained obdurate for a while, but in the end she wore his opposition down. Cited from The Foolish Lovers, by St. John G. Ervine
  • The point only could make any impression upon these obdurate materials. Cited from Manual Of Egyptian Archaeology, by Gaston Camille Charles Maspero
  • The child was obdurate, yet all the time he seemed to read her soft frightened eyes. Cited from The Governors, by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  • It would be hard if, now that things were going well with him, the lady alone should prove obdurate. Cited from The Half-Hearted, by John Buchan
  • As he was still obdurate, the deputations told him they would do without him. Cited from The Life of John Milton, Volume 5 (of 7), 1654-1660, by David Masson
  • Ellen was obdurate in her decision and once having committed herself she became a different woman. Cited from Where the Sun Swings North, by Barrett Willoughby
  • He believes the world to be as obdurate toward him as he is toward it. Cited from German Classics of the 19th & 20th Centuries, Vol. IX, Ed. by Francke
  • It will also strengthen the hands of a better and less obdurate class about the court. Cited from The Life of William Ewart Gladstone, Vol. 1 (of 3), by John Morley
  • Her father is obdurate and the cause is dear to me. Cited from In the Days of Poor Richard, by Irving Bacheller
  • Look at this obdurate woman; she says that I am not just because I am severe. Cited from I.N.R.I., by Peter Rosegger
  • On this particular point, however, her husband had remained obdurate. Cited from The Journal of Abnormal Psychology, Volume 10
  • Finding her obdurate, he drew from his pocket a little box. Cited from The Titan, by Theodore Dreiser
  • Once, twice, three times he repeated his demands, and each time I was obdurate. Cited from The Crimson Blind, by Fred M. White
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