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  • This is largely believed to be caused by nutritional changes in children over time.
  • Without them, they would be unable to obtain any nutritional value from plants.
  • However, lack of knowledge of their nutritional and economic value limits their use.
  • Without them, they would be unable to get any nutritional value from many plant components.
  • In addition to serving the area with food, it also provides nutritional education to the local community.
  • These latter three appear more related to ritual and economic activity than nutritional needs.
  • This view is still held by the majority of those in the medical and nutritional science communities.
  • However there has been some criticism of the effect on nutritional value.
  • The product takes up half the space of its nutritional equivalent in fresh milk.
  • While some cases are successfully treated with nutritional and medical management, surgery is also used.
  • The main concept of the company is to create products with nutritional values of food.
  • Nutritional sprays to supply other minor elements should also be applied as needed.
  • Others support meat eating for scientific, nutritional and cultural reasons, including religious ones.
  • The book contained extensive nutritional information from a scientific point of view, and sold more than a million copies.
  • They require three to four hours per day to eat enough hay to meet their nutritional requirements.
  • In this way, the basic nutritional needs of most citizens were met.
  • In other developing regions, the nutritional status of girls is slightly higher.
  • But you should avoid crickets at all costs due to their poor nutritional value.
  • His stated goal was to change the nutritional habits of the world.
  • The experiment would lead to the development of modern nutritional science.
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Meaning of nutritional

  • adjective Of or relating to or providing nutrition
    nutritional information