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  • A computer can store any kind of information in memory if it can be represented numerically.
  • In some cases, a special program for entering machine language numerically was provided.
  • However, numerically the number of women could be more in developing countries.
  • In addition to their ship name, government ships are numerically listed.
  • Christians suffer numerically more than any other faith groups or groups without faith in the world.
  • The college grew numerically from the mid 1980s until the present.
  • After their victory over a numerically much superior enemy, the Romans gained the upper hand.
  • Despite facing a greatly superior enemy numerically, the brigade held its general positions for three days.
  • His industry and preaching led to the Independent churches in his area becoming numerically strong.
  • To numerically add physical quantities with units, they must first be expressed with common units.
  • His district is numerically the last of the state House districts.
  • The model is then evolved numerically up to the age of the Sun.
  • With this new combination, they were able to stand their ground against the numerically superior Roman for a whole day.
  • Although a numerically small class limited to a single line, the S class was highly utilised.
  • Whilst numerically greater in its number of lords it is far less eye-catching.
  • His main objective here was a pure and simple defence against the many times numerically superior Italian forces.
  • He was killed while repelling an attack against numerically superior German forces.
  • The estimates do not have a closed form and must be obtained numerically.
  • With this method a numerically exact answer here requires only four pieces (five function values)!
  • A+ was designed for numerically intensive applications, especially those found in financial applications.
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Meaning of numerically

  • adverb In number; with regard to numbers
    in ten years' time the Oxbridge mathematicians, scientists, and engineers will not be much more significant numerically than the Oxbridge medical schools are now