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  • Life was over for her, whatever came now could only find her numb. Cited from Beyond The Rocks, by Elinor Glyn
  • His whole arm felt numb, and he supported it with his good hand. Cited from The Colors of Space, by Marion Zimmer Bradley
  • I got numb and fell and they come by and got a doctor. Cited from Slave Narratives, Arkansas Part 2, by Work Projects Administration
  • Even her lips were so numbed with cold that she could not move them. Cited from Greatheart, by Ethel M. Dell
  • Then something hit me in the left shoulder and my left side went numb. Cited from Over The Top, by Arthur Guy Empey
  • When they rose, her feet were so numbed she could hardly stand. Cited from The Trespasser, by D.H. Lawrence
  • The club struck his left shoulder, and he felt his arm go numb. Cited from The Status Civilization, by Robert Sheckley
  • She felt her arms growing numb; how much longer could she hold the baby safe? Cited from Ramona, by Helen Hunt Jackson
  • She worked herself numb; very likely she had hours when she did not feel her loss. Cited from The Iron Woman, by Margaret Deland
  • As he sat there, his body and heart seemed to be growing numb together. Cited from Mercy Philbrick's Choice, by Helen Hunt Jackson
  • One of my feet has gone dead, and the other's getting numb. Cited from Sappers and Miners, by George Manville Fenn
  • I felt a kind of numb pain in my right foot -- nothing very bad. Cited from Combed Out, by Fritz August Voigt [AKA: F.A.V.]
  • How much more, then, must a whole city of gold numb any concrete thought? Cited from The Flying Legion, by George Allan England
  • Never heard of anything so numb in all my born days. Cited from Tiverton Tales, by Alice Brown
  • The air was cold and my hands numbed, but I never felt them. Cited from Mr. Standfast, by John Buchan
  • She felt numb, and she could not think, and she must think. Cited from Good Indian, by B. M. Bower
  • I have suffered so much that I have become numb, if not dead. Cited from His Sombre Rivals, by E. P. Roe
  • She had suffered so much it seemed to her sometimes that her feelings were numb. Cited from That Old-Time Child, Roberta, by Sophie Fox Sea
  • The next time he comes up with us he won't be numb in the head. Cited from The Untamed, by Max Brand
  • I would hold it as high as I could, till my arm was numbed. Cited from For The Admiral, by W.J. Marx
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Meaning of numb

  • verb Make numb or insensitive
    The shock numbed her senses