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  • We would say that the control group should show a negative or null effect.
  • The same method must be used when the initial conditions of the problem are not null.
  • Null result is a term often used in the field of science to indicate evidence of absence.
  • Third, sentences are marked out by entering null lines before and after them on purpose.
  • This was what we call a "null result" for their speed-of-light experiments.
  • If the plaintext is too short, each square must be filled up entirely with nulls.
  • Winning conditions for Null games are different from suit and Grand games.
  • The first one is called null hypothesis, and is for the time being accepted.
  • That is, they have multiple small lobes off the main direction with nulls between them.
  • Any non-null reference type may be used as the lock.
  • Thus, a simple CASE expression cannot check for the existence of Null directly.
  • As a result, the attacker must write a null character before writing the return address.
  • Therefore, a convenient null reference point may be chosen for the internal energy.
  • The losses of the cavalry were heavy and the effect of its attack completely null.
  • Not only has he finally proved his acting skills, but the marriage is null and void.
  • For this reason, Latin is described as a null-subject language.
  • If the tree is null, the key we are searching for does not exist in the tree.
  • Every expression in the paravector space can be written in terms of the null basis.
  • E.g. they included nulls, but they claim to have a systematic treatment of them.
  • A reference variable is null when it does not reference any object.
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