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  • The students neither use the court nor do they play the game nowadays, however.
  • Nowadays the team still is considered among the best teams in the division.
  • Most of the main cultural and political events nowadays take place in the building.
  • Nowadays, this is mostly just the right to be called a city or town.
  • Here we will give the definition that seems to be the most common nowadays.
  • Nowadays, they are spread all over Germany, mostly living in major cities.
  • L-systems nowadays are also used to model whole plants.
  • Germany used to have a number of department stores; nowadays only a few of them remain.
  • The European Union nowadays has growing influence over its member countries.
  • The earlier traditional versions of the law for closed systems are nowadays often considered to be out of date.
  • Nowadays, it is around mid-October or at the beginning of November every year.
  • Nowadays much of his time is taken up with recording.
  • Nowadays you sometimes spend a whole day doing one thing.
  • However most Muslim authorities nowadays accept the practice if another life will be saved.
  • Although rarely used nowadays for working the land, they are considered an important status symbol.
  • Private middle school nowadays are still called "primary middle school".
  • Most other passes have lost their importance for goods transport nowadays.
  • Nowadays there is no longer any rail transport in the municipal area.
  • Nowadays they form an almost continuous road between the City Centre and the beach.
  • Nowadays it is a multi-party system with three main parties.
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Meaning of nowadays

  • adverb In these times
    it is solely by their language that the upper classes nowadays are distinguished"- Nancy Mitford, we now rarely see horse-drawn vehicles on city streets, today almost every home has television