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  • Of course, since no foreign language is actually written, this is only notionally translated.
  • Notionally government-held seats are shown on the left, with other seats shown on the right.
  • Under these new boundaries the seat was notionally a safe Labour seat.
  • This one is notionally drawn by teams of water-birds.
  • Soon afterwards PAGU's existence as a notionally separate company was brought to an end.
  • In fact the redistribution prior to that election had turned the seat into a notionally Liberal seat.
  • It is a notionally democratic body, controlled by the elected Officers and supported by the elected General Committee.
  • They can effectively use the grid as a bank and notionally re-purchase the electricity at night.
  • But in God principle in regard to Person is said notionally. Cited from Summa Theologica, Part I (Prima Pars), by Thomas Aquinas
  • During this period, although notionally an Australian squadron, the majority of its personnel came from other Commonwealth countries.
  • Lake Albert is a notionally fresh water lake near the mouth of the Murray River.
  • During this time, the battalion was notionally transferred to the "tropical war establishment".
  • In the 2010 general election, boundary changes had made her seat notionally Conservative.
  • He has been described as "a reasonable goal threat despite being notionally a Midfielder".
  • Although the parameter is notionally expressed using a complex number, the density is still a density over the real line.
  • New Guinea thus became notionally Dutch as the Dutch held power over Tidore.
  • As soon as the coach has notionally departed, the entire cast returns to the stage for the Coaching Song.
  • While the town is notionally served by Monifieth railway station, the station presently operates only a token service.
  • Although it was notionally a police force, it was equipped with heavy weapons, including tanks and self-propelled artillery.
  • As such they notionally held the prerogative powers of the monarch, and also held the executive power of the country to which they were assigned.
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