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  • He however acquired noteworthy knowledge in the military field along his father.
  • The following faculty are noteworthy for their published works or field work or both.
  • It is noteworthy that the school gave some of the animals to poor white families.
  • The River is also noteworthy for its natural and man-made history.
  • Each community built its own churches and schools, while many also founded other noteworthy cultural and economic institutions.
  • His performance in the other matches in the World Cup were also noteworthy.
  • Recent history has held few nationally noteworthy events for the city, but much internal change.
  • There was an early literary society that had a long and noteworthy existence.
  • It was noteworthy that none of the proposed plans of campaign considered France as an enemy.
  • Simon Lakes performance during her last two years of service was particularly noteworthy.
  • A noteworthy result of the battle was the combat and large unit command experience Grant gained.
  • A few noteworthy dates since the tower's opening include these.
  • It is noteworthy that the new construction had also an important defensive function.
  • This is noteworthy if only because people claimed to have seen her in town after her supposed demise.
  • It included all her hit singles and other noteworthy tracks.
  • Constant touring resulted in noteworthy success for an act without significant major funding.
  • Only a few of the many constructed languages have been applied practically to any noteworthy extent.
  • But it is in North Africa that the work of France has been particularly noteworthy.
  • Noteworthy also is finding a novel application for an otherwise old drug.
  • It is also noteworthy that the D&H began its existence as a canal company.
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