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  • In the United Kingdom, the style is notably still controlled by royal officers of arms.
  • Many Australian football video games have been released, most notably the AFL series.
  • The Jewish population also increased notably during this time.
  • Notably, the games are played during the winter.
  • Much of his fortune was later used for philanthropic causes, notably towards health care and medical research.
  • Notably, most French historians argue France did not go through a clear take-off.
  • Notably, there was some confusion regarding the fate of those who die before the arrival of the new kingdom.
  • One is his own story, notably including what he thinks of as his friendship with Shade.
  • He also composed music, notably a string quartet in early classical style.
  • Notably, no dreadnoughts were destroyed on either side during the battle.
  • Some crime types are above average, notably the highest homicide rate in Western Europe.
  • Most notably a small group of sperm whales live in this area year round.
  • He founded some twenty cities that bore his name, most notably Alexandria in Egypt.
  • Italy is also prominent in the field of design, notably interior design, architectural design, industrial design and urban design.
  • Each of its committees - most notably the foreign relations committee - oversees the country's foreign policy.
  • This current article covers western, notably European and American cultural movements.
  • Those that he created as settings include a number of notably unusual worlds.
  • The firm promotes very heavily from within, most notably in its executive suite.
  • A number of public figures have notably chosen to take up semi-permanent or permanent residence in hotels.
  • He impressed, scoring two goals in five appearances, notably scoring directly from a corner kick.
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Meaning of notably

  • adverb Especially; in particular
    notably in the social sciences, the professors teach too much