not financially

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  • However, the film was not financially successful and received little critical attention.
  • And many others are not financially able to have proper attention given. Cited from On the Firing Line in Education, by Adoniram Judson Ladd
  • His work was not financially successful, and in the 1930s he sold his practice.
  • It is believed that typically his father had died when he was young and his mother could not financially care for him.
  • He would have to pull out of Columbia when he could not financially support himself.
  • When he purchased it, and for some time afterwards, the mill was not financially successful.
  • However, they quickly exited the business after making two films that were not financially successful.
  • She could not continue her studies because her parents could not financially afford to send her to a far-off college.
  • The film was not financially successful, but its soundtrack album sold well.
  • And seeing I have no money at all, I 'm not financially interested. Cited from The Cross-Cut, by Courtney Ryley Cooper
  • The marriage was not financially successful as she would have wished.
  • He considered getting out of the service then, but could not financially withstand being without a job.
  • The film was not financially successful upon its release.
  • He also wanted to find further employment as the Kings were not financially secure.
  • Despite his literary success, he was not financially successful.
  • Although he could have continued the newspaper after this episode, he could not financially support a rebirth of his newspaper.
  • The film received poor reviews and was not financially successful.
  • However the majority of the movies were not financially successful and the company was soon wound up.
  • The Control Board said the project would cost too much and was not financially viable.
  • Although overall a critical success, it was not financially successful and was not universally well received.
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