not evacuate

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  • Two families who did not evacuate were nearly swept out to sea when their home was destroyed.
  • In the confusion following the attack, he was not evacuated until almost two hours after the attack.
  • Those who did not evacuate saw the destruction caused by this strong hurricane.
  • Many of those who had not evacuated would later be found dead piled up near the main entrance.
  • Officials said that despite government warning, some people did not evacuate.
  • Most did not evacuate until the day before or the day of landfall.
  • Other public officials, such as police and fire departments, did not evacuate.
  • Italy added, however, that she would not evacuate the island until Greece had given full satisfaction.
  • Due to the intense action many casualties were not evacuated until late in the afternoon.
  • Those wounded who were not evacuated by the Red Cross were sent into detention.
  • A large number of people who did not evacuate in advance of the storm remain unaccounted for.
  • Contrary to reports, she was not evacuated during the war.
  • Almost the whole, previously very numerous, Jewish population of Belarus which did not evacuate was killed.
  • Although a warning or warnings had been sent, the area was not evacuated in time.
  • Near Homosassa, two people who did not evacuate required water rescue.
  • Students in unaffected areas were not evacuated and remained in the country.
  • However the aircraft was not evacuated and all 301 passengers and crew died in the fire.
  • They were not evacuated during the Libyan civil war that year.
  • Although local inhabitants were ordered to leave their homes in mid-October, many either did not evacuate or returned in the interim.
  • The list of prisoners had 691 names, including those wounded but not evacuated.
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