not convenient

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  • If, however, this is not convenient, they enter in the same order as in church. Cited from Frost's Laws, by Sarah Annie Frost
  • I find it's not convenient, after all, for me to take them myself this afternoon. Cited from Martha By-the-Day, by Julie M. Lippmann
  • It is not convenient that they all be subject to either of these Churches. Cited from Churches of the Presbyterial Order at Amoy, China, by J. V. N. Talmage
  • But an unhappy accident made it not convenient to keep him longer about him. Cited from Great Events by Famous Historians, V12,Ed. Johnson
  • If it were not convenient to hand, some other excuse would be used. Cited from The Guns of Bull Run, by Joseph A. Altsheler
  • If not convenient for you to practice exercises every day, take them twice or three times a week. Cited from The Power of Concentration, By Theron Q. Dumont
  • But because I left at a time that was not convenient for them I became a non-person.
  • "I mean simply that it is not convenient for me to get away at this time." Cited from The Colossus, by Opie Read
  • The air-ships were not convenient to you, so you abolished them. Cited from A Honeymoon in Space, by George Griffith
  • It was not convenient to the Professor to act upon the offer.
  • When she demanded to see the papers it was not convenient for those interested to have them at hand. Cited from Watch Yourself Go By, by Al. G. Field
  • I will bring my Muses with me, unless you think it not convenient. Cited from Colloquies of Erasmus, Vol. I, by Erasmus, Ed. by Rev. E. Johnson
  • Since there is only one passenger platform, it is not convenient to cross two passenger trains if both stop.
  • But where this is not convenient, it is a good plan to open a window wide every hour or two for a minute. Cited from Girls and Women, by Harriet E. Paine (AKA: E. Chester)
  • Besides, it was not convenient that the University of Paris should be allowed the entire direction of the trial. Cited from Joan of Arc, by Ronald Sutherland Gower
  • That is, is it convenient to do things that are not convenient, and a duty to live even against duty? Cited from Works Volume 3: Essays and Miscellanies, Plutarch
  • I don't owe you anything; and if I did it is not convenient to pay it. Cited from The Worlds Greatest Books, Vol II, Ed. by Arthur Mee & J. A. Hammerton
  • And for these reasons it is likely that, when they came, he thought his usual mixture too weak and not convenient for them. Cited from Works Volume 3: Essays and Miscellanies, Plutarch
  • But the author saw the truthfulness of his own chosen language, though the word in question be not convenient for musical expression. Cited from Catharine, by Nehemiah Adams
  • There are, besides, other reasons, even more important than this, but which it is not convenient that I should now make known. Cited from The Exemplary Novels of Cervantes, by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra
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