not certify

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  • Many states will not certify their results until late November or early December.
  • But they would not certify that he had won the prize. Cited from Men of Invention and Industry by Samuel Smiles #2
  • The bomber will be nuclear-capable, but not certified for nuclear use until a later time.
  • Among those that were not certified, some were in the process of seeking certification.
  • In fact the album was not certified, which led to a quick decline of the popularity of the group.
  • Did you not know that that citation was intended for you?-I could not certify that it was. Cited from Second Shetland Truck System Report, by Guthrie
  • The Government registers but does not certify these schools, and students from these schools cannot continue to any higher education within the country.
  • This event was a competition held by a private company and it was not certified by WMO.
  • "San Francisco" was also the first debut single from an album that was not certified in the United Kingdom.
  • Actually the Navy Gas free course does not certify you to be a Gas Free Engineer.
  • It does not certify as this would mean that it competes with members and that would be a conflict of interest.
  • The Court also has authority to audit persons acting but not certified as a public accountant.
  • Some of them are still not certified to teach in Utah.
  • "Because of Love" reached number ten, but was not certified by the RIAA.
  • This model is not certified in the US.
  • These schools are not certified by NIAD-UE, so they can not give any academic degrees.
  • The mills in North America operate according to the standards of European mills although they are not certified.
  • This is the first Village People album that was not certified Gold by the RIAA.
  • In contrast, the IEC only writes standards and does not certify any particular product as meeting those standards.
  • Most teachers are not certified, but do have at least an associate's degree, and most have completed six or more courses in early-childhood education.
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