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  • The system moved west-northwestward over the next several days with little change in organization.
  • For several days the system moved generally west-northwestward toward Central America.
  • Moving northwestward, it slowly organized at first due to its large size.
  • Late on the following day, the storm resumed its initial west-northwestward course.
  • The following day, the system developed into a depression as it moved slowly northwestward.
  • The system moved quickly west-northwestward under the influence of a ridge over Mexico.
  • It moved west-northwestward over the next few days, slowly gaining organization.
  • It initially moved northwestward, then a day later turned to the northeast.
  • For the next few days, the system moved west-northwestward with little change in intensity.
  • The track starts near the west coast of Africa, and heads generally northwestward.
  • The system moved northwestward and slowly acquired a low-level center of circulation.
  • It was out of sight that the coach turned to the left, Northwestward. Cited from The Amazing Marriage by George Meredith, v2
  • Upon its formation, the depression moved northwestward toward a break in the mid-level ridge.
  • The depression moved west-northwestward and remained weak for a few days.
  • It slowly became better organized as it moved northwestward in an area favorable for continued development.
  • Page moved on a northwestward track for the next couple days while slowly strengthening.
  • Upon developing, the depression, small in physical size, moved slowly west-northwestward.
  • It moved generally west-northwestward and by the following day, strengthened into tropical storm strength.
  • The system moved northwestward and weakened further to a depression six hours later.
  • It moved west-northwestward over the next few days, slowly gaining organisation.
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  • adverb In a northwestward direction