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  • They were located just one mile outside the city in a northwesterly direction. Cited from S.O.S. Stand to!, by Reginald Grant
  • Storm Three moved slowly for the first five days while moving on a more northwesterly track.
  • He dropped downward until he was about a hundred feet above the water, when he continued his northwesterly course. Cited from The Master Key, by L. Frank Baum
  • At the community of Central, a short branch line went in a northwesterly direction away from the main line.
  • Summer is the season during which winds blow mostly in a northwesterly direction.
  • They work up with the northwesterly current, but I expect the wind will have carried them back against it. Cited from A Final Reckoning, by G. A. Henty
  • Situated over water once more, the wave was able to gradually develop as it moved in a northwesterly direction.
  • The northwesterly direction that they were following confirmed him in this belief. Cited from The Young Trailers, by Joseph A. Altsheler
  • Entering the range, we continued in a northwesterly direction up the valley, which here bent to the right. Cited from Exploring Expedition to the Rockies, by Fremont
  • It is nearly long, and follows a northwesterly course through a steep, narrow valley.
  • Starting out in a northwesterly direction, the highway passes through a residential neighborhood.
  • At roughly the same time, it turned more to the west, although it maintained a general northwesterly path.
  • Accordingly we crossed the lake in a west-northwesterly direction, a distance of nearly seven leagues. Cited from Voyages of Samuel de Champlain V3, by de Champlain
  • The highway trends northwesterly for its entire length through farm country, passing by a few homes along the way.
  • During the winter, ships are sometimes unable to dock due to the strong northwesterly winds.
  • They nearly all ran in a northwesterly direction. Cited from The Leopard Woman, by Stewart Edward White
  • The municipality forms the entire northwesterly corner of the province.
  • A low-cloud swirl remained and subsequently continued on a west-northwesterly course for a few days.
  • Folkner led the way in a northwesterly direction, and evidently knew where he was going. Cited from Within The Enemy's Lines, by Oliver Optic
  • Continuing northwesterly, the road runs along a section of the lake and then turns back due northerly.
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