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  • The settlement grew in population and physical size, with the center of activity moving northward.
  • The storm moved northward across Central America, but caused no known impact in the region.
  • Before the railroad people were building primarily on Main Street and northward.
  • Moving generally northward, the storm quickly became a hurricane and later major hurricane the following day.
  • Its northward path along the Florida coast was unusual for the month of August.
  • They are rather plain and the northward linked pair are set behind a brick wall along the street.
  • It moved slowly northward as convection organized into a ring around the center.
  • An object trail can be seen to continue northward after the bright fireball event.
  • After re-emerging into the Atlantic, the storm then moved generally northward.
  • The bishop kept a toll-house where one of the main northward roads out of London entered his land.
  • The North West Company moved its headquarters northward to what they named Fort William.
  • Many of the community's other houses were destroyed before the Indians retreated northward.
  • Wool production, usually on large stations, was also the basis of expansion further east and northward.
  • The northward migration begins in March at the southern end of their winter distribution.
  • Steel, according to census, moved northward to continue his interest in mining.
  • He quoth that he lived in the land northward along the North Sea.
  • The depression moved northward around the western periphery of a high pressure system.
  • Walkers must complete the track in four days, travelling only in the northward direction.
  • She drifted slowly northward with the ice through the following months.
  • From that time on they spread northward, finding use in missions and mines.
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