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  • Currently, it is believed to have continued a nearly straight northeastward track through the entire county.
  • As it continued northeastward, the storm separated from upper-level low it was previously beneath.
  • The system moved east-northeastward and strengthening into a tropical storm early the following day.
  • The storm then moved northeastward across eastern Canada into the far North Atlantic Ocean.
  • The storm continued moving rapidly northeastward and began to interact with a cold front.
  • This storm soon became the primary feature as it intensified and moved northeastward.
  • The route passes a large field with one large red barn before turning northeastward past more residences.
  • It headed slowly north-northeastward and strengthened into a tropical storm early on the following day.
  • After moving inland, the storm then accelerated while turning toward the north and then north-northeastward.
  • The cold front had passed to the north and failed to bring the typhoon northeastward.
  • It turns slightly more northeastward as it passes through the area.
  • The depression moved east-northeastward strengthened into a tropical storm by the following day.
  • The depression moved north-northeastward and intensified into a tropical storm early the next day.
  • Moving northeastward over warm waters, the system separated itself from the dissipating front later that day.
  • A ridge located over the Philippines caused the system to track northeastward.
  • From here, the route continues northeastward out of the village and into less developed areas of Amity.
  • After moving northward for several days, it turned northeastward and struck southern South Korea.
  • Eventually, it curved north-northeastward and approached the east coast of Florida again.
  • It moved north-northeastward, where several homes and outbuildings were either damaged or destroyed.
  • However, after formation the depression moved slowly north-northeastward.
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Meaning of northeastward

  • adverb In a northeastward direction
    the river flows northeastward to the gulf