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  • Upon leaving the station, the train continues in a more northeasterly direction rather than due east.
  • The route then takes a more northeasterly route away from the international boundary.
  • It runs in an approximately north-northeasterly direction between and, and is approximately above sea level.
  • The highway also begins to generally head in a northeasterly direction from this point on.
  • Around this time, the storm took a northeasterly track, which it maintained for several days.
  • It has a length of about and a general northeasterly course.
  • The river runs through a series of deep curves in an overall northeasterly direction.
  • The route turns east and maintains an initial north-northeasterly direction before eventually turning northeast.
  • After forming, it initially headed towards the coast in a northeasterly direction.
  • With a large difference in pressures between the two systems, a strong northeasterly flow developed between them.
  • His fleet would then return south when the monsoon ended, on the back of northeasterly winds.
  • Gradual intensification took place over the following few days as the storm turned more northeasterly.
  • Leaving them and continuing their course northeasterly for fifty leagues FURTHER, they discovered within that distance thirty-two islands. Cited from The Voyage of Verrazzano, by Henry C. Murphy
  • They were probably a half a mile from us, and they were feeding in a northeasterly direction. Cited from Chief of Scouts, by W.F. Drannan
  • The mountains lie in a southwest-northeasterly direction in both states, although most of the range is in California.
  • Going in a northeasterly direction, the first include a turning medium before splitting into a divided highway.
  • After crossing over the Jordan River, the route takes a brief northeasterly turn before returning due east.
  • Strong northeasterly wind shear halted further development for the next few days.
  • For more than two months they journeyed in a northeasterly direction. Cited from French Pathfinders in North America, by William Henry Johnson
  • It has been thought in the past that tornadoes moved almost exclusively in a northeasterly direction.
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