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  • The north one is an eight-car-long side platform generally used by northbound trains.
  • However a new platform has been added on the south side, normally used for northbound services.
  • The northbound platform would then be extended back to give increased circulation space.
  • On the northbound platform, the small waiting room was replaced with new seats.
  • The train station only has one of two platforms in use, since the high speed line northbound is still under construction.
  • The driver of the northbound train sought safety in the engine room.
  • The station house on the northbound platform is used for employees only.
  • Northbound traffic on the bridge heads in their general direction.
  • The northbound platform is only used by a few services.
  • The northbound platform has an exit-only at its extreme northern end.
  • The current platform is built over the northbound express track.
  • There is a large car park situated adjacent to the northbound (western) platform.
  • In addition, the northbound service area has a caravan park and a hotel.
  • Northbound local trains open their doors on the side platform during Mets games and special events only.
  • The west one is generally used by southbound trains while the east one is generally used by northbound trains.
  • It joined the main line immediately north of the station and its trains used a bay at the northern end of the northbound island platform.
  • A high ceiling is found in the station and the northbound platform has an old tower at the south end.
  • Two additional lanes have been added going northbound, and one additional lane has been added southbound.
  • In the morning trains run southbound and they run northbound in the evening.
  • However, for the first time in its history, it runs in one direction only: there is no northbound equivalent service.
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