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  • Info Nonsense is a communication, via speech, writing, or any other symbolic system, that lacks any coherent meaning. more...
  • Instead he bought a television set and let its nonsense rule his days.
  • He was a strong, no-nonsense forward with a good passing game.
  • Brown showed these pictures to a child and asked them to tell him where the nonsense word was.
  • She's no-nonsense, in-your-face and slightly larger than life.
  • Brown showed children between the ages of three and five various pictures accompanied by nonsense words.
  • The album is chiefly notable due to the entire album being recorded in nonsense language.
  • When people work together, they have no time for nonsense.
  • God states right here in no-nonsense language that children are gifts.
  • The self-image of the city is that of a no-nonsense workers' city.
  • Why did I subject myself to this nonsense?' I will never, ever do another series.
  • Very few of the crew could see anything in it - they thought it old-fashioned nonsense.
  • Its evening news program was often serious and no-nonsense in nature and has received many journalism awards.
  • He would give a patient hearing to everyone including those who were talking nonsense.
  • For him his daughter's feelings are nonsense and money is the most important thing she should look out for.
  • The most famous nonsense riddle is only so because it originally had no answer.
  • He was popular with supporters due to his never-say-die spirit and no-nonsense defending.
  • It included a lot of nonsense, and stories making fun of daily life.
  • His role in movies is often that of a no-nonsense character.
  • They are often cut together in such a way that the resulting sentences are complete nonsense.
  • He took over in troubled times but he stood no nonsense and he sorted things out.
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Meaning of nonsense

  • noun A message that seems to convey no meaning