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  • Operated by the state, county government or private nonprofits under contract with the state.
  • In recent years, electronic communication media has been used more commonly among nonprofits.
  • Thompson also joined the board of about two dozen private companies and nonprofit groups.
  • These locations are used for nonprofits in human services, education and the arts.
  • It also provided low-cost and free meeting and office space to eligible nonprofits.
  • She previously worked as a private-practice attorney and is now a director at a medical nonprofit.
  • It also provided direct financial and promotional support to other local nonprofit organizations.
  • The two major types of nonprofit organization are membership and board-only.
  • This independent, nonprofit music education association is one of the world's largest singing organizations for women.
  • In subsequent years, the group obtained of county land, formed a nonprofit organization, and developed the garden.
  • Chicago-based nonprofits also host live call-in shows from a dedicated studio at CAN TV.
  • The nonprofit may also be a trust or association of members.
  • The organization's nonprofit status was to cause a legal battle over ownership of the station.
  • Since then the Arts Alliance and other nonprofits have continued their activities in the church.
  • This is the first issue of the newspaper published by a nonprofit corporation.
  • It was then acquired by local nonprofits, who have converted it for use as office and television studio space.
  • Numerous small manufacturers, nonprofit groups, and government-run manufacturing plants exist around the world.
  • Some technology programs are created specifically for use by nonprofit organizations.
  • He realized eventually that a dedicated nonprofit organization would be a better way to address the many issues that remained.
  • It decided to give the station to a nonprofit organization.
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