nominal consideration

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  • Fish can be obtained in this market for an almost nominal consideration, being sometimes almost given away. Cited from My Native Land, by James Cox
  • The Company had a social housing division until 2007 when it was sold for nominal consideration.
  • However, some courts in the United States may take issue with nominal consideration, or consideration with virtually no value.
  • I am aware of no precedent for granting such exclusive rights to a manufacturing company for a nominal consideration. Cited from Compilation of the Messages and Papers of the Presidents, by Richardson
  • "I will put that in for a mere nominal consideration -- the rugs alone are worth the money -- say a thousand more." Cited from Questionable Shapes, by William Dean Howells
  • The government sold such land to colonists for the nominal consideration of one dollar an acre, and allowed every head of a family to purchase six hundred and forty acres upon a credit of five years. Cited from Maximilian in Mexico, by Sara Yorke Stevenson
  • This is known as the peppercorn rule, but in some jurisdictions, the penny may constitute legally insufficient nominal consideration.
  • I spoke of your suggestion to mother, and she thought so well of it that I went to the magistrate and got him to draw up a deed transferring this property, for a nominal consideration, to a friend. Cited from Under the Great Bear, by Kirk Munroe
  • In 1856 ill-health compelled him to resign its editorship, and it was transferred to John Henry Parker for a nominal consideration.
  • Schnell v. Nell (1861), which is widely cited as an example of nominal consideration, involved a sealed contract.
  • Although the distinction of seal had already been abolished by Indiana statute, it is likely the parties viewed the seal as making the contract enforceable, much as the nominal consideration of $1 would have under classical contract theory.
  • During the weeks leading up the Old Crossing Treaty, former Governor Ramsey carried out a series of treaty negotiations with Ojibwe tribes in his new capacity as the Indian Commissioner for Minnesota, securing territory throughout the state in exchange for nominal consideration and reservations.
  • His farm was a ramshackle, down-at-heels, worthless place, off which he gleaned the meagerest of livelihoods, so that he had not been averse to permitting Crane & Keith to traverse his land for a nominal consideration. Cited from Scattergood Baines, by Clarence Budington Kelland