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  • Info Noir (or noire) is the French word for black.
  • He has noted that all of his films are heavily influenced by film noir.
  • Out of the Past is considered one of the greatest of all films noir.
  • More than sixty films per year were made, with the majority having film noir elements.
  • At least one important reference work identifies the latter as a film noir despite its early date.
  • This and other examples of film noir would greatly influence his later compositions.
  • He is known for writing books about movies, particularly film noir.
  • Although film noir was originally associated with American productions, films now so described have been made around the world.
  • Pope became heavily involved in creating the visual noir style of the film.
  • Once it was coming together, it was like film noir.
  • When one has fallen, the remaining two shall become Noir.
  • Eventually, the roman noir gave way to more modern forms of the fantastique.
  • No other actress has appeared in more film noir.
  • This was done not only to give a more film-noir look, but also to make it appear more like the original comic.
  • The videos themselves sometimes create a mood that has been compared to film noir.
  • It has been used in many vintage motion pictures, many of the film noir variety.
  • He photographed some of the most famous films noir of the classic period.
  • The image and price make it a must own for Noir fans and everyone else too.
  • Mann first made his name as director of several films noir.
  • It is regarded as the first American mainstream film noir directed by a woman.
  • It uses high contrast to create dark colors and shadows, much like a film noir picture.
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