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  • Nog is known to store his money in a locked box under his bed.
  • Two days later I gave up the egg nog because it was too good for me. Cited from The Story of the Philippines, by Murat Halstead
  • Nog decides to end his leave, returning to limited duty at first.
  • This information does not sit well with the rest of his crew, most notably Nog.
  • These six rooms were also made of stone-nog.
  • We celebrated Christmas by having a big dance and egg-nog for ever' body. Cited from Slave Narratives: Oklahoma Narratives, by Work Projects Administration
  • They say it was the best nog they ever drank; the house was crowded. Cited from Memories, by Fannie A. (Mrs.) Beers
  • We could drink all the egg-nogs we wanted to. Cited from The Fifth Wheel, by Olive Higgins Prouty
  • Meanwhile, on Deep Space Nine, Nog returns to the station for his field study.
  • They are also simply called nogs in New Zealand and Australia (No reference).
  • We made about ten gallons of egg-nog for the occasion; we used about six dozen eggs. Cited from Memories, by Fannie A. (Mrs.) Beers
  • In the last stage Becker finished fourth but did nog win enough time to win the overall classification and finished second.
  • The school had its own magazine called Na Nog, which was published annually.
  • Nog knows that once he has passed through fire and water, the transformation is cancelled; he returns to human form.
  • Vic shows up without the holographic environment and has a heart-to-heart talk with Nog.
  • As we were leaving, our host insisted that no friend should leave his house without tasting the best egg-nog ever made in Virginia. Cited from T. De Witt Talmage, by T. De Witt Talmage and Mrs. T. De Witt Talmage
  • He'd been momentarily expecting her to offer him an egg-nog. Cited from The Real Adventure, by Henry Kitchell Webster
  • One egg is required for each glass of egg-nog. Cited from The International Jewish Cook Book, by Florence Kreisler Greenbaum
  • The nog gave out, and we had to produce the jug. Cited from Memories, by Fannie A. (Mrs.) Beers
  • He occasionally gives his name as Nog, but also implies that Nog is a different person.
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  • noun A wooden block built into a masonry wall so that joinery structure can be nailed to it