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  • Who shall say what shall be possible with a new and nobler generation of men? Cited from Monopolies and the People, by Charles Whiting Baker
  • Men ought to use these in order to reach still nobler and higher states of life. Cited from Books and Habits from the Lectures of Lafcadio Hearn, by Lafcadio Hearn
  • How much nobler was this woman's heart than his own! Cited from The Nameless Castle, by Maurus Jokai
  • It is the voice of the nobler nature in man speaking out of his heart. Cited from Short Studies on Great Subjects, by James Anthony Froude
  • He had already expressed the same feeling in a still nobler form. Cited from The History of Napoleon Buonaparte, by John Gibson Lockhart
  • For what nobler task can a human being live -- or die, if needs be? Cited from The Young Llanero, by W.H.G. Kingston
  • It is a longer work, and therefore a more difficult and a nobler one. Cited from Daily Thoughts, by Charles Kingsley
  • There is no nobler blood in England than his, save that of our royal queen. Cited from Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall, by Charles Major
  • He could have done, if he had been listened to, much nobler service. Cited from Bacon, by Richard William Church
  • But do you mean by rising in life, simply becoming a nobler, because a better man? Cited from Westminster Sermons, by Charles Kingsley
  • In years to come, people would understand, they would know that you had chosen the nobler part. Cited from A People's Man, by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  • Let the young men who come to this home be encouraged to higher and nobler character.
  • He thought of nobler forms and nobler things than those he found about him. Cited from Lectures on the English Poets, by William Hazlitt
  • If there's any change, it will be to make her a better and nobler character. Cited from The Street Called Straight, by Basil King
  • It is something higher and nobler which turns my thoughts towards this form of hope. Cited from Letters of a Soldier, 1914-1915, by Anonymous
  • But he had a higher and a nobler mission than that of mere money-getting. Cited from Personal Recollections of Birmingham and Birmingham Men, by E. Edwards
  • And it is from these men that I look to get a nobler system of education. Cited from Painted Windows, by Harold Begbie
  • Her glory fell upon them, there was something nobler and more beautiful in them from that moment. Cited from Captain Mansana and Mother's Hands, by Bjornstjerne Bjornson
  • Action is therefore nobler from good to good, and from being to being, than from nothing to something. Cited from Summa Theologica, Part I (Prima Pars), by Thomas Aquinas
  • She's come out here to help us cowboys live nobler, better lives. Cited from The Happy Family, by Bertha Muzzy Bower
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