no alteration

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  • The final release of the single saw no alteration from the album version.
  • They made no alteration in their dress on account of their new religion. Cited from A Portraiture of Quakerism, Volume I (of 3), by Thomas Clarkson
  • My brother's death will make no alteration in the plan of my life. Cited from Run to Earth, by M. E. Braddon
  • To this day no alteration is allowed in these arts nor in music at all. Cited from A Popular History of the Art of Music, by W. S. B. Mathews
  • I am his guest, and my presence makes no alteration in his way of life. Cited from The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 17, No. 100, February, 1866, by Various
  • I have made no alteration or addition to it, nor shall I ever. Cited from Autobiography, by John Stuart Mill
  • The film will be directed by him and will contain no alterations to the story.
  • They returned at dark with no alteration of their original report. Cited from War in the Garden of Eden, by Kermit Roosevelt
  • There have otherwise been no alterations and all five remain private homes.
  • During all which there is no alteration in the body, but only in the sense. Cited from Principles of Human Knowledge, George Berkeley
  • To this day, no alteration is allowed either in these arts, or in music at all. Cited from Laws, by Plato
  • The whole thing is so completely the rest of the difference that there is no alteration. Cited from Matisse Picasso and Gertrude Stein, by Gertrude Stein
  • Still no alteration was made in our course, and we and she had made no sign of recognition. Cited from Five Months on a German Raider, by Frederic George Trayes
  • A thousand years has made no alteration in the way of making these pipes. Cited from Anahuac, by Edward Burnett Tylor
  • It has remained in that use, with no alterations, since then.
  • No alterations were suggested by the lady to whom it was sent, so far as I know. Cited from Autocrat of Breakfast Table, Oliver Wendell Holmes
  • No alteration of any kind has been made in the French Text. Cited from Contes Francais, by Douglas Labaree Buffum
  • In this fourth Edition I have made no alterations of any kind.
  • You and I, thinking as we do, will of course make no alteration in our manner towards him. Cited from Rujub, the Juggler, by G. A. Henty
  • He carried his point, too; for no alteration has been made in his allowance. Cited from The Irrational Knot, by George Bernard Shaw
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