no afterlife

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  • This is in direct opposition to House's belief that there is no afterlife of any kind.
  • However, it is eventually revealed that there is no afterlife and everyone stops existing when they die.
  • Because he saw no afterlife while he was dead, Bob rejected his family's strict Christianity and became an atheist.
  • The Sadducees were an ancient Jewish sect that generally believed that there was a God but no afterlife.
  • Their philosophy was a study of death and their conclusions where absolute and hard to accept since they saw death as a final end, with no afterlife or moral rewards for the life lived on earth.
  • Jack tries to encourage him to start his life anew by saying there is no afterlife, only for John to refuse and kill himself anyway, which Jack agrees to help him with.
  • For the Aborigines, the first humans to live here, there is no afterlife paradise is here and now in a Living Eden called Kakadu.
  • There is no afterlife, yet, one need not fear death, because "Death is nothing to us; for that which is dissolved, is without sensation, and that which lacks sensation is nothing to us."
  • As such, it meant there was no afterlife, and, as well, the thing that gives an individual his or her identity was not the intellect, but the sensitive faculty, the appetites and desires of the body.
  • A 1944 Mother's Day Card, particularly intended for the wives and mothers of the war dead, presented a mystical view that, although there was no afterlife, the dead continued in the life that followed them.
  • In his book Dear America, Hess wrote that he became an atheist because his temporary job as a coroner's assistant when he was 15 left him convinced that people were simply flesh-and-blood beings with no afterlife.
  • Hylotheism posits there is no truth external to the observable Universe, no morality superior to it, and no afterlife or spirit world enterable from it, save that such be discernible from within it.
  • The Inquisitor is a self-repairing simulant who survived until the end of time, and, coming to the conclusion that there is no God and no afterlife, decided that the only point of life was to "seize the gift of life".
  • Tzadok, pupil of Antigonus and possibly founder of the Sadducees, misconstrued his teachings (the above motto) to mean that there is no afterlife.
  • Michael Ross (Dennis Coard) drowns that night in the storm and in the aftermath of his death, Alex is dismissive of spiritual matters saying there is no afterlife, upsetting Shannon and Michael's widow Pippa (Debra Lawrence).