nicely balanced

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  • I don't know how he and those of his constitution keep their nerves so nicely balanced as they do. Cited from Works Charles and Mary Lamb, V5, Letters, by Lamb
  • There had been a struggle then between the two nicely balanced qualities which go to make up a human personality. Cited from The Short Cut, by Jackson Gregory
  • He gave me a reed rod, about nine feet long, light, strong, and nicely balanced. Cited from Amos Kilbright: His Adscititious Experiences, by Frank R. Stockton
  • That was what her instinct, which in her was as nicely balanced as reason, told her. Cited from Secret Bread, by F. Tennyson Jesse
  • The system is so nicely balanced that three millions daily settle the difference. Cited from Lights and Shadows of New York Life, by James D. McCabe
  • These cylinders were so nicely balanced that the rounded sides of them just showed above the water, and no more. Cited from Jethou, by E. R. Suffling
  • So nicely balanced are they now in their orbits that they may well seem capable of rolling on in their present courses forever. Cited from The Unseen World and Other Essays, by John Fiske
  • Parties were nicely balanced, the nominal majority being on the Federal side. Cited from Albert Gallatin, by John Austin Stevens
  • To question her for the details would have been repugnant to his nicely balanced sense of the fitness of things. Cited from Kindred of the Dust, by Peter B. Kyne
  • It seemed a question, nicely balanced between individual pride and honesty, what he should reveal and what suppress. Cited from The Wendigo, by Algernon Blackwood
  • Practically we all recognize the effect of a nicely-balanced wave of developer worked round a plate. Cited from Scientific American Sup. No. 288, by Various
  • Every life is but a sum of actions, and in every action the good and evil motives are most nicely balanced at the best. Cited from The King's Men, by Wheelwright, O'Reilly, Dale, and Grant
  • Under nature, the slightest difference of structure or constitution may well turn the nicely-balanced scale in the struggle for life, and so be preserved. Cited from On the Origin of Species, by Charles Darwin
  • Under nature, the slightest differences of structure or constitution may well turn the nicely-balanced scale in the struggle for life, and so be preserved. Cited from Origin of Species, 6th Ed., by Charles Darwin
  • So, as I was considering, things are marvellously nicely balanced between us. Cited from Tales & Novels, Vol. IX, by Maria Edgeworth
  • They were large, some of them weighing fifty tons, and having sharp edges, on which they stood nicely balanced. Cited from The Mysteries of All Nations, by James Grant
  • Under Nature the slightest differences of structure or constitution may- well turn the nicely balanced scale in the struggle for life, and so be preserved. Cited from A Series of Lessons in Gnani Yoga, by Yogi Ramacharaka
  • And with his return the pleasant nicely balanced, casual scheme of things which she had been following so contentedly was knocked sky high. Cited from Wild Wings, A Romance of Youth, by Margaret Rebecca Piper
  • The oars were made especially strong for the occasion, of spruce, ten feet three inches in length, and nicely balanced. Cited from The Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 8, No. 48, October, 1861, by Various
  • Every sentence which dropped from his lips was as correct in structure as the most nicely balanced period of the Rambler. Cited from Misc Writings and Speeches, Lord Macaulay V3 of 4
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