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  • She promoted the album on morning news shows and performed some songs live.
  • Since then, the newspaper has provided news and information to the university community.
  • This was the first hour-long news program for the region.
  • There is a radio news program in the language as well.
  • There are several independent news services, radio stations, and an independent television station.
  • Television provides the major source of news and entertainment for the average family.
  • Several sources of current news exist about the trade union movement in the world.
  • This made it the only station in the area to have a late-night hour-long news show.
  • The news was reported in newspapers all over the world as a major story.
  • The following day, news of her death reached the king.
  • This news was not made public for some time.
  • The city is also served by the, an online only news website.
  • News of his death only became known to the wider world six months after he had died.
  • Broadcast media and news is provided by several television and radio companies, one of which is government-run.
  • The radio stations have a full time news department.
  • Television is the main news source in cities and towns.
  • And so with many different appeals John told his good news to the people.
  • The public was not ready for this news.
  • The story became national news and drew opposition from some politicians and church leaders.
  • The station produced general news and cultural and educational programs.
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Meaning of news

  • noun Information about recent and important events
    they awaited news of the outcome
  • noun Information reported in a newspaper or news magazine
    the news of my death was greatly exaggerated
  • noun Informal information of any kind that is not previously known to someone
    it was news to me