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  • Today they are newly created or even restored, especially in old town areas.
  • The facilities under construction are located in a newly created special economic zone.
  • The newly formed band did not yet have a name.
  • In addition, the newly arrived slaves added to the city's African population.
  • These newly formed communities separated themselves from traditional, military society.
  • The city continues to grow, especially east around the newly opened Battle High School.
  • For example, after the first dance, the newly married couple might dance with their parents or new in-laws.
  • As the guests of honor, the newly married couple is the first to leave the party.
  • A newly appointed Foreign Minister makes his or her first state visit to Sweden.
  • The newly formed party was able to draw on this popular movement to recruit support.
  • Each wanted the capital of the newly established Islamic State to be in their area.
  • This has included both newly created languages and ports of existing languages.
  • The group's revision was based on government information which had newly been released to them.
  • Painting with newly discovered technique, he decided his earlier works were inferior and re-did them.
  • A number of new spectral types have been taken into use from newly discovered types of stars.
  • The company then began to experiment in other areas of business using newly injected capital.
  • They both share in this responsibility and privilege as a newly married couple.
  • However, a controversy over the state's recognition of a newly created federal holiday changed things.
  • In animal models, running has been shown to increase the number of newly born neurons within the brain.
  • Soviet authorities immediately started a campaign of Sovietization of the newly acquired areas.
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  • adverb Very recently
    they are newly married, newly raised objections, a newly arranged hairdo, grass new washed by the rain, a freshly cleaned floor, we are fresh out of tomatoes