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  • Info Newfoundpool is an area of Leicester lying south of the former Leicester and Swannington Railway. more...
  • The Newfoundpool School Board was established in 1889 to address the shortage of school places in the area.
  • Around 250 houses were constructed in Newfoundpool to the west of Leicester.
  • The majority of the housing dates from the beginning of the 20th century, and like Newfoundpool was developed mainly by local builder Orson Wright.
  • Newfoundpool is part of Fosse Ward and the Leicester West parliamentary constituency.
  • It was until 1963 that the club won its first major honours winning the Leicestershire Senior Cup for the first time beating Newfoundpool WMC in the final.
  • The Newfoundpool School Board was dissolved in 1891 and incorporated into the Leicester School Board when the Borough boundaries were extended.
  • It estimated that there were 500 children of school age living in Newfoundpool in 1889 and supervised the construction of the Ingle Street Board School (now the building of Inglehurst Junior School) on land purchased on favourable terms from Orson Wright.