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  • In that respect Newfoundlands have very much improved during the past quarter of a century. Cited from Dogs and All About Them, by Robert Leighton
  • There are several health problems associated with Newfoundlands.
  • Our pointers and Newfoundlands do not closely resemble any native dog now found in the countries whence they were brought. Cited from Animals and Plants under Domestication V 2, Darwin
  • Newfoundlands can be black, brown, white and black (called Landseer) or gray.
  • Further evidence of Newfoundlands' ability to rescue or support life saving activities was cited in a recent article by the BBC.
  • It is clear, also, that in 1832 Newfoundlands in British North America were of various colours. Cited from Dogs and All About Them, by Robert Leighton
  • Yet my gallant St. Bernards and Newfoundlands would take these heavy loads along at a rate that was astounding. Cited from By Canoe and Dog-Train, by Egerton Ryerson Young
  • This is a common heart defect in Newfoundlands involving defective heart valves.
  • These tumours are most common in old setters, Newfoundlands, and hounds. Cited from The Dog, by William Youatt
  • Many tales have been told of the courage displayed by Newfoundlands in adventuring and lifesaving exploits.
  • Unlike the tragedy of Newfoundlands crew, the disappearance of Southern Cross remained largely unexplained as no crewmen or record of the voyage survived.
  • Current bloodlines have been crossed with Newfoundlands and other like breeds to create a looser lipped, heavier headed dog for Western show rings.
  • In any case the first cross is likely to produce both black and mis-marked white and black puppies; but the latter, if bred back to the white and black blood, would generally produce well-marked white and black Newfoundlands. Cited from Dogs and All About Them, by Robert Leighton
  • Newfoundlands were brought and introduced to the St. Bernard breed in the 18th century when the population was threatened by an epidemic of distemper.
  • Captain Abram Kean is one of Newfoundlands most famous sealing captains.
  • Newfoundlands captain, believing that the men were aboard Stephano, did not blow the ship's whistle to signal his location which would have allowed his men to find the ship in the darkness and rain.
  • Rakes are important grooming tools especially for double-coated dogs such as the Newfoundlands or Siberian Huskies.
  • We began to meet dogs as big as Newfoundlands, that attacked our unmounted Zeitoonli, refusing to be driven off with sticks and stones, and only retreating a little way when we rode down on them. Cited from The Eye of Zeitoon, by Talbot Mundy
  • The speculation that Newfoundlands may be partly descended from big black bear dogs introduced by the Vikings in 1001 A.D. is based more in romance than in fact.
  • In 2012, he published Those Amazing Newfoundland Dogs, a full-length cultural history of Newfoundlands, with a profusion of old illustrations.
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Root form of newfoundlands is newfoundland for the noun.

Meaning of Newfoundlands

  • noun A breed of very large heavy dogs with a thick coarse usually black coat; highly intelligent dogs and vigorous swimmers; developed in newfoundland
  • noun An island in the north atlantic