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  • He lived the rest of his life there, only returning to Newfoundland once.
  • Cases have been reported as far east as the island of Newfoundland.
  • The Newfoundland in general is good with other animals, but their size can create problems if not trained.
  • She returned to Newfoundland Force after working up and remained with the unit until the end of the war.
  • Prior to entering politics, he was a high school teacher in rural Newfoundland.
  • The city has the largest regional hospital in western Newfoundland.
  • It was the first time the band had been to Newfoundland.
  • They had three children and retired to Vermont after his work in Newfoundland.
  • Then Britain and France came with a plan involving the west coast of Newfoundland.
  • Middleton retired from public life following his term in Newfoundland and returned to England.
  • Newfoundland was ruled by a governor who reported to the colonial secretary in London.
  • In Newfoundland the struggle for the free press was much more violent.
  • This system was used to establish several colonies on the island of Newfoundland.
  • There was also a birth recorded, the first English child born in Newfoundland and what is now Canada.
  • He went on to settle the French Shore issue which gave Newfoundland full control over the island.
  • The signal was received throughout Europe and as far as Newfoundland, Canada.
  • The first steam driven saw mill in Newfoundland was established here.
  • Mason drew up the first known English map of the island of Newfoundland.
  • Upon his return to Newfoundland, however, he found that his enthusiasm was not shared by much of the population.
  • As a result, Newfoundland became the only place outside Europe to have its own Irish dialect.
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Meaning of Newfoundland

  • noun A breed of very large heavy dogs with a thick coarse usually black coat; highly intelligent dogs and vigorous swimmers; developed in newfoundland
  • noun An island in the north atlantic