newfound wealth

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  • She used her newfound wealth to travel the world.
  • He then went on to marry the lord's daughter, without anyone connecting his newfound wealth with the murder.
  • Italian families used their newfound wealth to purchase consumer durables for the first time.
  • Despite his newfound wealth and powerful new body, James continues to steal jewelry from people.
  • He is eager to show off his newfound wealth.
  • Whipper used his newfound wealth to further his personal fight for moral reform and abolition.
  • Charlotte starts getting bullied at school, because of her family's newfound wealth.
  • Many of them promptly invested their newfound wealth abroad producing an enormous capital flight.
  • He used his newfound wealth to enter the paper manufacturing business but that business was destroyed by fire in 1856.
  • His newfound wealth afforded him to build a large home, marry and provide his family with the life they had lost on the death of his father.
  • Toulouse used its newfound wealth to build the magnificent homes and public buildings that are today the core of the old city.
  • Treasure maps, purchased in pieces from around the game board, can also lead to newfound wealth and even the creation of a private port.
  • A series of pictures show the one-eyed thumb enjoying his newfound wealth.
  • While there, the oil well runs dry, and their newfound wealth evaporates like the morning dew in the desert.
  • Carol is spending her inheritance money like water on everything having newfound wealth and she doesn't know what to do with it.
  • Erard used his newfound wealth to buy up lands surrounding his own, so that he was able to cobble together his own larger barony.
  • In the first story, with their newfound wealth Mustapha's father sends his son to the UK for education.
  • The Sugden family were curious about Jack's newfound wealth and discovered that Jack had written a successful book.
  • Raju becomes an alcoholic, and doesn't care for his newfound wealth or fame.
  • Flushed with his newfound wealth, George sets about taking Florrie out and spoiling her.
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