newfound fame

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  • With the band's newfound fame and success came numerous problems.
  • Her newfound fame eventually gets her the attention of the CIA.
  • Taking advantage of his newfound fame, he attempts to impress an old unrequited crush who has fallen into hard times.
  • She discusses his newfound fame, but he denies being a hero and drops her off free of charge.
  • Qian decided to take actions to profit from his newfound fame.
  • Her daughter, Maureen turns up and she thinks she just wants to cash in on her newfound fame.
  • However, the newfound fame comes at a price.
  • During this period of his life Munch often found residence in Berlin, where his newfound fame and circle of friends were.
  • The band's newfound fame also pushed sales of Dig over the Platinum record mark.
  • Many bodybuilders use their newfound fame and knowledge to pursue business ventures such as higher level personal training, or opening their own fitness centers.
  • He added that his newfound fame elevated the abuse.
  • He took in stride his newfound fame, as his utterances often made newspaper front pages and were major stories on the evening network news broadcasts.
  • Her relationship with Hazel is slowly unravelling, due mainly to the building pressures of her newfound fame.
  • The song gained newfound fame in 2013 when a woman quit her job and created a video featuring interpretative dance set to the song.
  • Kaufman's fame increases with his Saturday Night Live appearances, but he has problems with his newfound fame.
  • With their newfound fame, Randazzo became the lead singer and songwriter.
  • Following this stupendous success in experimentation, many music directors cashed in his newfound fame and made him sing in the same style.
  • She enjoyed her newfound fame as Cordy's wife and loved the glamorous lifestyle.
  • Her pretty face, being likened to that of a young Lorna Tolentino, has given her a newfound fame.
  • The essay also includes quotes by Millie about her newfound fame.
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