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  • He realized he could do anything he wanted with his newfound powers.
  • The newfound friendship lead to a one-night stand between the two of them.
  • The name of the newfound club was chosen in its second meeting.
  • However, her newfound trust is tested when her mother gives birth to a son.
  • Is her newfound love worth the sacrifice she is about to make?
  • He shows them his newfound Happiness Machine running in perfect order -- his family.
  • Malcom is happy to get to know his newfound children, they all become close.
  • It has about 90 described species, newfound ones being described every few years.
  • Laura has a newfound sense of respect for her husband and the two part on good terms.
  • After three hard days of teaching, he was dismissed and told to use his newfound powers to serve his people.
  • With the band's newfound fame and success came numerous problems.
  • However his newfound friend is also engaged to a local lawyer.
  • Despite her newfound happiness, there are times when Paul seems a stranger to her.
  • Belyllioth soon discovered though that holding on to her newfound title would be hard to do.
  • With this newfound purpose and excitement, they decided it was time for a change.
  • This would be followed decades later by a newfound appreciation for their native art forms.
  • He has earned more responsibility, but in doing so, he has also let some of his newfound power go to his head.
  • Her newfound role also was a major push towards perfecting her song writing.
  • By this term he seems to indicate the true nature of the human soul, his newfound self-consciousness.
  • After his father died, he began to very carefully reveal his newfound sentiments to his family.
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