new concubine

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  • He dispatches his attendants to find Maya and she is delivered to the King as his new concubine.
  • When Agamemnon returned home he brought with him a new concubine, the doomed prophetess, Cassandra.
  • Together the group comes up with a skit mocking some members of the royal court, including the king and his new concubine Jang Noksu.
  • After the death of the concubine Wu, he procured for the emperor a new concubine named Yang, of a western family. Cited from A History of China., [3d ed. rev. and enl.], by Wolfram Eberhard
  • They succeeded, killing Agamemnon and his new concubine, Cassandra.
  • For example, in one scene the sultan groans inwardly when a new concubine is brought to his bed, since he does not feel sexual at all and would much rather send her away and curl up with a book.
  • The quiet lives of an Egyptian family are disturbed when the father, Imhotep, returns from the North with his new concubine, Nofret, who begins to sow discontent amongst them.
  • At the beginning of the story the reader learns that he has become completely enamoured of his new concubine Wen Jian, and has begun receiving alchemical treatments to enhance his vigour and prolong his life.
  • Later, Sun Quan wanted to take his cousin Xu Kun's daughter Lady Xu as his new concubine, so he told Lady Xie to lower herself to accept the newcomer.
  • After Chi-Ang runs out of his fortunes and is forced to leave the brothel, Lui buys Susan from Tall Kau and brings her home as a new concubine.
  • Their alliance, however, seems to break down when Eclipso, hoping to please her master Darkseid, offers the young and pretty Mary as his new concubine, reasoning that the two women could always leech Darkseid's arcane knowledge, slay him, and take his place.
  • When King Agamemnon returns from the Trojan War with his new concubine, Cassandra, his wife Clytemnestra (who has taken Agamemnon's cousin Aegisthus as a lover) kills them.
  • Because Daoguang was already in love with Quan since he was young, he chose to save her by making Quan as his new concubine, which angered his wife, Empress Shencheng (Myolie Wu).