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  • The game takes place on a hard table divided by a net.
  • People who do not live long after retirement age get a much lower net benefit.
  • What would have been printed in a magazine are now available off the net.
  • The ball must travel past the net into the other players' court.
  • The programs most often cut are education, public health, and other social safety nets.
  • The sum can then be used as a net present value figure.
  • He netted seven goals in the first three months of the season.
  • A general clean-up effort netted the town an award from a state appearance committee.
  • They were set to run at, away they went through the nets at depth.
  • He made a scoring debut, netting twice in his first senior appearance.
  • For a net current to flow, more states for one direction than for the other direction must be occupied.
  • The town and surrounding areas also has a net of local and regional buses.
  • As a consequence, there will be more moving one way than the other and a net current will result.
  • Therefore every function on such a set is a net.
  • On this day, women from both villages run through the streets carrying nets.
  • During this period there will be a net energy gain.
  • It had safety nets on each end to prevent injury to those falling off.
  • The platform fell into the safety net, but was too heavy and the net gave way.
  • Netting is often used to keep birds and other animals away.
  • Probably the most common way is to look at the net profits of the business.
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Meaning of net

  • noun A trap made of netting to catch fish or birds or insects
  • noun A goal lined with netting (as in soccer or hockey)
  • noun Game equipment consisting of a strip of netting dividing the playing area in tennis or badminton
  • noun An open fabric of string or rope or wire woven together at regular intervals
  • verb Make as a net profit
    The company cleared $1 million
  • verb Yield as a net profit
    This sale netted me $1 million
  • verb Catch with a net
    net a fish
  • adjective Remaining after all deductions
    net profit