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  • The parents often use the same branch for multiple nestings.
  • Typically, early season and first clutches average two more eggs than second nestings and late season clutches.
  • The population of the condors has risen due to these wild and also captive nestings.
  • By contrast, 55% of all American yellow warbler nestings are successful in raising at least one young.
  • It is encountered in Ohio as a passage migrant and rarely as a winter guest, though two recent nestings have been confirmed.
  • Fanaticism has played a part, as in India and parts of Africa, where are nestings of half-savage humanity with a touch of the heavenly in the air. Cited from Some Cities & San Fran. & Resurgam, H. H. Bancroft
  • Now the islands receive only 300 nestings per year, partly due to frequent oil spills from nearby oil production platforms and oil tankers owned by Petronas.
  • Females nest 2-3 times during a season, keeping 10 to 28 days between nestings.
  • There are also nestings beaches for the olive ridley sea turtle.
  • After a 45-minute presentation about the renowned program and basic sea turtle biology, attendees are led to the beach to await sea turtle nestings or hatchings.
  • The Khanskoye has several islets with large nestings of Great Cormorants and Dalmatian Pelicans.
  • This allows discovery to run in parallel, and to progressively cascade into arbitrary nestings of LVM, RAID or encryption to get at the root file system.
  • It costs the parent-birds a great deal of trouble; and if you leave a nest untouched from one year to another, neither disturbing the eggs nor the nestings, you will find it the next spring nicely repaired and new lined, and a new family in it. Cited from Kindness to Animals, by Charlotte Elizabeth
  • In India, nestings have been found to be prone to maggot infestations (probably by Protocalliphora sp.) and in some areas to leeches.
  • In her floral expeditions with Johnnie, however, and her bird-nestings with Alf, wherein no birds were robbed, she unconsciously did more to reconcile him to the necessity of waiting than could hours of argument from even his mother. Cited from Nature's Serial Story, by E. P. Roe
  • The blackcap normally raises just one brood, but second nestings are sometimes recorded, particularly in the milder climate of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic islands; triple brooding has been observed once, the female laying a total of 23 eggs in the season.
  • As it leaves Memphis, US 78 follows Lamar Avenue, historically known as Pigeon Roost Road for the nestings of passenger pigeons formerly in the vicinity.
  • As it leaves Memphis, US 78 follows Lamar Avenue, historically known as Pidgeon Roost Road for the nestings of passenger pigeons formerly in the vicinity.
  • "The gamecock croweth bravely, And guardeth hawk-scared hen roost; But when the sea swan swimmeth Against the shoreward nestings, There mighty mallard flappeth, And frayeth him from foray; Yet shoreward if he winneth, The gamecock waits to meet him." Cited from King Alfred's Viking, by Charles W. Whistler
Root form of nestings is nest for the verb.

Meaning of nestings

  • verb Inhabit a nest, usually after building
    birds are nesting outside my window every Spring
  • verb Fit together or fit inside
    nested bowls
  • verb Gather nests