nesting software

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  • Many machine manufacturers offer their own custom nesting software designed to offer ease of use and take full advantage of the features of their specific machines.
  • To minimize the amount of scrap raw material produced during cutting, companies use nesting software.
  • Off-the-shelf nesting software packages address the optimization needs.
  • Most of the profile nesting software can read IGES or DXF profile files automatically, a few of them work with built-in converters.
  • Equipped with simple CNC system, portable CNC cutting machine can achieve 2D shapes after CAD files inside the nesting software are converted to G code and transmitted to machine through USB.
  • A cutstock algorithm for the steel industry was later formulated by Robert Gongorra in 1998 and S.O.N.S (Steel Optimization Nesting Software) was developed for the steel industry to improve steel usage and minimize waste.