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  • They search for food both near to their nesting sites but also further out to sea.
  • There may be more than one nesting female in a male's territory.
  • Second, third and sometimes fourth nesting attempts may have only three or two eggs.
  • They also fight for the snow-free sites that would be better for nesting.
  • Several islands in the lake provide critical nesting areas for various birds.
  • The west side of the islands is an important nesting site for birds.
  • The female will spend hours inside her nesting box before eggs are laid.
  • Nesting activity may start as early as the first days of April.
  • They show considerable site fidelity nesting in the same area year after year.
  • The nesting location is around or even more above the ground.
  • This species may eat birds and their eggs, including almost entirely ground- or rock-nesting species.
  • Previously, only safety aspects were considered in the management of these nesting facilities.
  • Evidence of nesting in previous years has also been observed.
  • Those made by different females are sometimes close to each other, particularly in hole-nesting species.
  • He then went in search of more nesting material while the female constructed the nest beneath her.
  • Nesting territories range from and are often the same year after year.
  • Adults are very defensive of nesting area and will even attack humans who come too close.
  • The nesting sites themselves have also been managed to make them more appealing.
  • They are often found near cliffs or large trees, which they use as nesting sites.
  • The island is home to the entire royal penguin population on earth during their annual nesting season.
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Root form of nesting is nest for the verb.

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Meaning of nesting

  • verb Inhabit a nest, usually after building
    birds are nesting outside my window every Spring
  • verb Fit together or fit inside
    nested bowls
  • verb Gather nests