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  • If they return the children all the good they have done will be negated.
  • Why, then, in art negate an act upon which is founded even our view of nature? Cited from German Classics of the 19th & 20th Centuries, Vol. IX, Ed. by Francke
  • The words blue and non-blue negate each other, simply because they are opposite to each other.
  • He negates his previous order and has Seven brought to the bridge.
  • The word means something because it negates the physical reality of the thing.
  • The doctor offered her entry into a program that would negate any need for future birth control.
  • Hence, he said, no member had the right to negate this settled issue.
  • They were supplied by air, thus negating the importance of their lost supply lines.
  • By similar process as above, the change is negated and operating point kept stable.
  • The total seal length is rather long, however, which may negate this advantage.
  • However, growing Union numbers and power in the state ultimately negated his triumph.
  • Release of the record was delayed however, thus negating the purpose of the tour.
  • She has the power to heal and also to negate any magic around her.
  • Release of the record was delayed, however, thus negating the purpose of the tour.
  • There are five different shields that allow you to completely negate enemy attacks before breaking.
  • However, events the following day negated the need for any further assaults.
  • The articles are however generally available for free on the website negating the need to pay for membership.
  • This negates any physical or bonus runs that might have been awarded.
  • The courts have held that federal laws are therefore superior to state laws and cannot be negated by the states.
  • While it could be repaired, maintenance over time would negate the short-term cost advantage of doing so.
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Meaning of negate

  • verb Prove negative; show to be false