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  • This was a good thing because no needy person was left out.
  • He gave moral and financial support to numerous good causes and needy individuals.
  • He used to share whatever came to him with the poor and the needy.
  • Articles that were given to him were generally given away to the needy.
  • He lived like the poor people around the parish and continued helping the needy.
  • The needier members of these towns received the news with very different feelings. Cited from A History of Rome, Vol 1, by A H.J. Greenidge
  • During the event, a search takes place for the needy ones of the city.
  • Do all you can to help the poor and the needy.
  • The organization is also involved in providing financial-aid to the poor and needy.
  • He in fact, tried his best to accommodate/support all the needy people.
  • Its original mission including providing funding to programs that helped needy children.
  • It is very famous for spiritual as well as social activities for the needy too.
  • Her example and reputation led other young women to join her in this ministry to the needy.
  • The idea of state collected wealth being made available to the needy general public was relatively new.
  • This organization does a lot to help needy families and children around the fall/winter holiday season.
  • The problem is these funds go increasingly to the least needy among us.
  • The primary school admitted local people from poor and needy families.
  • Here she found many poor and needy people, whom she helped financially.
  • So the volunteer group decided to hand out hot food to the needy on this cold winter day.
  • Her family has always encouraged her to think of the needy.
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Meaning of needy

  • noun Needy people collectively
    they try to help the needy