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  • Info The neck is the part of the body, on many terrestrial or secondarily aquatic vertebrates, that distinguishes the head from the torso or trunk. more...
  • It was actually one of his men buried up to his neck covered with blood.
  • She saw herself with her head cut off and a great tree growing out of her neck.
  • From as early as five years old, girls are introduced to their first neck ring.
  • Because of the size of the head, the neck is relatively short to provide better support.
  • The first blow missed her neck and struck the back of her head.
  • After a successful operation on my neck, my hands still can't function normally.
  • While swimming, the head was held up but the neck was drawn in.
  • Perhaps the neck was a result of both forces.
  • It is located in a long, narrow neck of land along the Miles River.
  • But it's your neck, and I hope you don't break it.
  • Women were more likely to suffer from neck and shoulder pain than men.
  • He immediately struck the emperor from behind with a knife straight at the neck.
  • She was found with a man's belt around her neck.
  • The neck and legs were short, and the head and wings small.
  • Great Neck's two major high schools are rated among the top in the country.
  • In flight, their long dark legs trail behind, and their long necks keep straight.
  • While in flight, their long necks are kept straight and their long dark legs trail behind.
  • Her breast, neck and face glow in the same light that models her hands.
  • Often, they swim low in the water with just the head and neck exposed.
  • They made many gold objects which they would hang from trees and around their necks.
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Meaning of neck

  • noun The part of an organism (human or animal) that connects the head to the rest of the body
    he admired her long graceful neck, the horse won by a neck
  • noun A narrow elongated projecting strip of land
  • noun A cut of meat from the neck of an animal
  • noun A narrow part of an artifact that resembles a neck in position or form
    the banjo had a long neck, the bottle had a wide neck
  • noun An opening in a garment for the neck of the wearer; a part of the garment near the wearer's neck
  • verb Kiss, embrace, or fondle with sexual passion
    The couple were necking in the back seat of the car