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  • New research, based on theory as well as field study, has shown this is not necessarily true.
  • What the readers believe to be true may therefore not necessarily be true.
  • Films in the same genre do not necessarily have the same film style.
  • In contrast, a made hand already has value and does not necessarily need to draw to win.
  • However, the result will only be an inner product space and it will not necessarily be complete.
  • A church that has the function of cathedral is not necessarily a large building.
  • Sometimes, several such people (not necessarily of the local community) take turns to do this.
  • They are not necessarily both exact, but are often treated as if they are.
  • A good that is made available at zero price is not necessarily a free good.
  • However, one does not necessarily have to be an advocate to practice law.
  • In any event, what a piece was called did not necessarily define what it was.
  • The two parts are not necessarily the same size.
  • They are usually in memory of the dead, though not necessarily placed at graves.
  • There are several other works ascribed to him, although not necessarily generally accepted as being his own work.
  • A statement that is true in some world (not necessarily our own) is called a possible truth.
  • The social circle of the female elephant does not necessarily end with the small family unit.
  • Events occurring in the same year did not necessarily happen in the order presented here.
  • The elements of the list are not necessarily all unique.
  • The people listed below do not necessarily belong to this family.
  • This is particularly common in rural areas, where maintaining a separate service is not necessarily cost effective.
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Meaning of necessarily

  • adverb In an essential manner
    such expenses are necessarily incurred
  • adverb As a highly likely consequence
    we are necessarily bound for federalism in Europe