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  • Info Nearby (previously named WNM Live) is a location-based social networking service.
  • Her body was later discovered a mile or so down the nearby river.
  • But before he can attack her she becomes a black bird on a nearby branch.
  • The path was fresh and there were plants of the described type nearby.
  • A nearby museum was built to house this boat.
  • One should first consider who was alive (and nearby) when the record was created.
  • Sound waves may also reflect off parts of the stadium or nearby buildings.
  • To this end, he called for a rock-treatment process that could color the buildings to match the nearby mountains.
  • They asked a nearby local what the creatures were called.
  • It is now mostly used by people living nearby and as a scenic route.
  • Principal army schools are located there or nearby.
  • She described seeing the people in a nearby boat but not being able to communicate with them.
  • The only disadvantage came when a nearby valley needed fill to get across it.
  • Many others followed in Germany and also nearby in what would later become Czechoslovakia.
  • The mountains have a large effect on the temperatures of nearby areas.
  • They brought him to a nearby town where he was cared for by a widow.
  • After the defeat, he fled into the nearby hills with only about four legions.
  • Much of the architectural program is on display in the nearby museum.
  • Initially the settlers were without a market nearby or a way to get their crops to market.
  • The small size of nearby communities make the city a major commercial and industrial hub of the region.
  • Closely related languages are spoken in nearby areas of Germany.
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Meaning of nearby

  • adverb Not far away in relative terms
    she works nearby, the planets orbiting nearby are Venus and Mars