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  • The show was set in an international space station in the near future.
  • It has never been used for any real time application, only near real time.
  • Members choose to live near each other because of one or more common interests.
  • The old woman sat in a vast throne-like arm-chair near her bed. Cited from The Age of Innocence, by Edith Wharton
  • He wrote "Although my body is here my heart is always near you."
  • Mother, it is near dinner-time; I will help you set the table. Cited from The Story Of Kennett, by Bayard Taylor
  • But also the study of the near death experience.
  • Where will they come nearer to God than in those very children?
  • Food is prepared in a separate kitchen located near the house but usually behind it.
  • It was finally completed and removed nearer the centre of population at that point.
  • She is turning her back to the camera, near the end of the stage.
  • The near wall will not be displayed at all, as it is behind our view point.
  • There was an easy chair near her piano and her music. Cited from The Bride of the Mistletoe, by James Lane Allen
  • The nest is built out of branches, usually in large trees found near water.
  • He drew an easy-chair near to the fire and begged her to rest. Cited from Demos, by George Gissing
  • Now it was near dinner time, and he had not even got butter yet. Cited from East O' the Sun, by Gudrun Thorne-Thomsen
  • The new house was ultimately actually built nearer to the old house.
  • It's near real-time because you're watching what happened in the seven days before.
  • Smaller ships can thus easily take courses that are nearer to the shore.
  • A three-way bridge has three separate spans which meet near the center of the bridge.
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Meaning of near

  • adjective Not far distant in time or space or degree or circumstances
    near neighbors, in the near future, they are near equals, his nearest approach to success, a very near thing, a near hit by the bomb, she was near tears, she was close to tears, had a close call
  • adverb Near in time or place or relationship
    as the wedding day drew near, stood near the door, don't shoot until they come near, getting near to the true explanation, her mother is always near, The end draws nigh, the bullet didn't come close, don't get too close to the fire