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  • These plays are usually performed on the college's grounds, although they sometimes tour nationally.
  • Many of the structures built are now in a nationally recognized historic district.
  • Many of those are nationally based but have expanded to other nations.
  • The party board and the nationally elected representatives of the party are responsible to the party council.
  • Other large, well-known companies are included below that operate nationally and internationally.
  • He was still relatively unknown nationally before the primary season.
  • It features summer-stock productions using local and nationally-known artists.
  • In-market and nationally televised games are not available through either of these services.
  • Recent history has held few nationally noteworthy events for the city, but much internal change.
  • He was nationally known for his love of trees.
  • The party is represented nationally by two spokespeople, always one man and one woman.
  • This result placed it fourth in terms of votes cast nationally.
  • It has since increased in popularity and has been nationally syndicated, as has her radio show.
  • The city is nationally significant because of its collection of late 19th and early 20th century commercial architecture.
  • In addition to being interested in science, she was a nationally ranked tennis player.
  • The festival is considered by many to be the town's major event of the year and is highly regarded nationally.
  • These events were broadcast on nationally televised news stations across the country.
  • Both artists taught art and were nationally recognized artists.
  • Cross-nationally, the United States has greater wealth inequality than other developed nations.
  • Several of York's programs had also gained notable recognition both nationally and internationally.
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Meaning of nationally

  • adverb With regard to a nation taken as a whole
    a nationally uniform culture
  • adverb Extending throughout an entire nation
    nationally advertised, it was broadcast nationwide